Founder of TEDxClapham and speaker coach, Alex Merry presents 


 Landing speaking opportunities can be time-consuming, so I've created this email template to help you land speaking engagements quicker. 

This template has helped people land all sorts of public speaking opportunities, from small networking events to internationally recognised conferences like TEDx, regardless of your speaking ability.

Over the last few years, I have given speeches at numerous events across the U.K, so when I sent the draft of my TEDx talk to Alex, I was confident I was onto something good. And it would have been, had I been anywhere but TEDx, but TEDx demands a different type of talk with a very unique structure. The feedback I got from Alex fundamentally changed the way I approached my talk. He challenged me to be vulnerable and leave everything on the stage; which I did. The feedback and messages from people who have benefited from it are testament to that.  

Aimee Bateman, CEO, Careercake

I’ve seen first hand the impact that public speaking can have across all areas of your life. At 22, I travelled across the UK speaking at some of the best academic institutions in the world for a small start-up I co-ran. The result?  

• Over £12.5 million raised • 250 person strong company • Multiple national awards • An offer to speak at a TEDx event

Since then… I founded TEDxClapham (an offshoot of the world famous TED talks), and set-up this coaching business where I have personally trained and mentored hundreds of people by transforming the way they communicate.  

My VIP client list includes business leaders, scholars, authors, coaches and a world champion boxer.