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Our Incredible Partners

We are hugely excited to have Swell as one of our main partners this year, especially given the incredible work that they have been doing to tackle the global plastic problem.  

S'well's mission is to rid the world of plastic bottles by creating products that deliver beautiful design and quality performance. They are committed to developing sustainable and responsible business practices, amplifying the simple ways individuals and organisations can create change through a wide range of programmes. S'well continues to identify new opportunities to start conversations and take action to positively impact the world.  

Munch are a London based creative PR agency that is focused on tangible results you can measure. They strive to make every piece of coverage count. Their clients include global brands, startups, solopreneurs and everything in-between.  

With Munch you get all the thinking of a big agency, delivered with a tenacious boutique approach. And they can't wait to get our teeth stuck into your brief.  

Mallow & Marsh

“Gorgeous just doesn’t describe it” goes a long way to describing what we do. With every bite we want people to be gobsmacked by how good our marshmallows are. We do this by making our marshmallows with a lot of love and without any compromise. They’re handmade in England with only 100% natural ingredients, whisked to gooey perfection and then painstakingly handcut into the tasty treats our mallow fans love.

OPPO Ice Cream

Charlie Thuillier spoke at last year’s Ted X event about his experiences creating and launching Oppo Brothers with his brother Harry. Oppo is a delicious, low sugar and low calorie, all natural ice cream. Four years ago Charlie and Harry headed to Brazil to break the world record for the longest distance travelled on land by kite power. While away they discovered the delicious and health-boosting fruits of South America. 

When Charlie returned, he headed straight to the kitchen to create something amazing with these fruits and soon settled on developing the UK’s first healthier ice cream. Oppo Brothers is now an international company selling ice cream throughout Europe. We are so excited to be heading back to TEDxClapham for another year of innovative talks.

Virtue Energy Water

Virtue Energy Water is the UK’s only naturally sugar-free energy drink. Our mission is to provide positive energy to as many people as possible. Each can naturally contains zero sugar, zero calories, with no sweeteners and has the same amount of natural caffeine as a cup of coffee (80mg). Our energy comes from natural sources including yerba maté, guarana and ginseng. For every can sold, we donate 500 litres of clean drinking water.  

Free Soul